San Francisco Department of the Environment

Construction and Demolition Forms and Resources

Construction & Demolition Ordinance
San Francisco Ordinance No.27-06 which took effect on July 1, 2006 enacted a new Chapter of the Environment Code and made amendments to the Building Code, the Health Code and the Police Code in order to establish a comprehensive program to effectuate the City’s goals. The entire text of the ordinance can be found here.

Construction & Demolition Ordinance Summary and Requirements
A brief summary of San Francisco’s C&D ordinance and requirements can be found here.

Constuction & Demolition Regulations - Third Party Verification
These regulations detail the minimun requirements for registration, operational effectiveness to meet an overall minimum 65% recovery rate, and reporting of mixed C&D debris received and processed pursuant to Section 1412 of the Ordinance. These regulations do not duplicate the Ordinance. They must be read together with the Ordinance.

Records Access Authorization Form
This Form grants SF Department of the Enivronment (SFE) the right to on-site access and to review all statements, receipts, weight tags and records generated, issued, and/or retained by any facility for any material that originated in San Francisco, and affirming that all such records will be provided upon SFE's request. This Form should be signed by the Facility owner or authorized signatory proxy. This Form is required for Facility Registration.

Construction & Demolition Regulations and Forms
These Regulations were adopted to provide guidance and necessary forms on the programs established by San Francisco’s C&D ordinance.

List of Registered Facilities
All mixed C&D debris material coming from construction and/or demolition jobs in San Francisco must be taken to one of these Registered Facilities.

Registered Facility Application and Renewal Form
This application is filled out and submitted by companies wanting to apply to be a Registered Facility.

List of Registered Transporters
All mixed C&D debris material from construction and/or demolition jobs in San Francisco must be hauled to a Registered Facility by a Registered Transporter.   This is the current list of transporters who are registered.

Registered Transporter Application and Renewal Form
This is the application to use if you want to apply to be a Registered Transporter.

Demolition Debris Recovery Plan (DDRP)
Before you begin any full demolition work you must submit a completed DDRP to the Department of the Environment for approval before the Department of Building Inspection will issue a demolition permit.

C & D Debris Recovery Requirements

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