San Francisco Department of the Environment

A Message from our Director

Dear Friends,

We have all had a challenging several weeks. I wanted to take this time to make a heartfelt acknowledgement of the contributions we’ve seen from community members. From our front line public health staff, to MUNI operators, to the people collecting our recycling and garbage, San Franciscans are responding with care and determination. This kind of community action is what will help see our City through to the other side of this health emergency.

The Department of the Environment, like all City Departments, is doing its part to protect the planet and all San Franciscans. Many of our dedicated staff have been functioning as Disaster Service Workers, helping in San Francisco’s response over the past few weeks. Staff who are not assisting in the City’s coordinated efforts continue to serve the community and climate from home by working remotely.

The crisis is shining a spotlight on the many small steps each of us are taking to help our neighbors in need. These same small steps that individuals are taking can also have an equally powerful impact on the environment. This global emergency reveals how closely connected we are and underscores the immense power of, and the need for, collective action on the environment.

In the coming weeks, our responsibility to support each other will grow even stronger. My hope is that when we reach the end of this challenging time, we keep working together to take care of ourselves, our community, and of course, our environment.

All the best,


Deborah Raphael

Director, San Francisco Department of the Environment

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