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What incentives for energy efficiency upgrades am I eligible for?

San Francisco residents, nonprofits and business owners can benefit from energy efficiency incentive programs. Incentives can help you save energy, reduce utility costs, and lower your environmental impact. The range of incentives and technical assistance vary by program.

Single-Family Homes and 2-4 Unit Homes

Energy Upgrade California offers homeowners up to $4,500 for home energy efficiency upgrades. The program connects homeowners with qualified contractors to help homeowners improve the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of their home.

Multifamily Properties (5-units or more)

SF Energy Watch offers comprehensive energy assessments (both common and residential spaces) and financial incentives for energy efficient improvements to qualifying multifamily building owners. To schedule a free energy assessment, email [email protected] or get more information on SF Energy Watch's Multifamily Plus program.

Energy Upgrade California - Multifamily Program offers $750 per unit for energy efficiency improvements. This program can help lower utility bills by saving 10% or more of a building’s energy usage and offers free consulting with multifamily building energy experts. Learn more about the Multifamily Program or contact [email protected].

Nonprofits, Businesses and Commercial Buildings

SF Energy Watch offers professional services, financial incentives, and expert installation of energy efficient equipment. Services are provided to a full range of nonprofits and businesses operating in San Francisco, ranging from community centers and restaurants to medical campuses and office buildings. To schedule a free energy assessment, email [email protected] or get more information about SF Energy Watch's Commercial Program.

Not sure which program best suits you? 

Find out which program is right for you by calling SF Environment's Energy Hotline at 415-355-3769 or email [email protected] for assistance.

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