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Tenant Bicycle Parking in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance

San Francisco's goal is for 20 percent of all commute trips to be by bicycle by 2020. To encourage and accommodate commuting to work by bicycle, the City requires existing commercial buildings to provide bicycle parking, or allow tenants to bring their bicycles into the building.


Ordinance Overview
The Tenant Bicycle Parking in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance encourages commuting to work by bicycle and requires commercial property owners to allow tenants to bring their bicycles into their building.

Compliance for Commercial Property Owners
Learn more about reporting requirements and how to ensure your commercial property is compliant with the Tenant Bicycle Parking Ordinance.

Bicycle Access Plan
Commercial property owners that allow tenants to bring bicycles into their building, but prescribe details and limitations on access, must complete a Bike Access Plan by January 31, 2014.

Exception Form
Commercial property owners should only complete an exception form if their building has an elevator safety issue or if covered, no-cost, off-site bicycle parking is available for tenants within 750 feet of the building.

Commercial Property Tenants
Do you work in a commercial building? Find out more about bicycle parking access and requirements for existing commercial buildings in San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about tenant bicycle parking in commercial buildings in San Francisco? Check here first to see if we can help you get the answer you need. 






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