News for Zero Waste

Sending nothing to landfill is a foreseeable future

Imagine a world in which nothing goes to landfills or to incinerators. We think it is achievable, and SF Environment is doing everything we can to make it happen.

- SF Environment Press Release
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SF kicks off Christmas Tree recycling program and announces dates for residential tree collection.
- SF Environment Update
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In May, SF Environment awarded grants to ten local organizations to help further San Francisco’s goal of achieving zero waste by the year 2020.
- San Francisco Magazine
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We've seen the future of waste, and it doesn’t involve a landfill.
- The Washington Post
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Government officials overseeing the most successful programs in the country, however, say public policy has played a critical role in boosting...
- Daily Kos
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Spencer Michels and his crew from the PBS NewsHour visits a San Francisco resident to learn more about the City's composting program.


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