Solutions in Recycling and Composting

Programs to compost or recycle just about everything

No matter where you are in San Francisco, you can recycle or compost almost everything. You can also reuse and recycle debris materials from construction and demolition projects.

Find the right container for your kitchen food scraps, and then learn about all of the items that can go in the green bin.
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When you are shopping for paper, whether it is for your office, school, or home, choose paper that is labeled “100 percent post-consumer recycled content” and “processed chlorine free.”
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All rigid plastics are recyclable in San Francisco.
Avoid the confusion by opting for reusables instead! If you decide to use one time use food ware, follow these tips.
Shiny wrapping paper can usually be recycled in the blue bin. Avoid purchasing or recycling wrapping materials with metallic finishes or made with plastic. Tissue paper should be composted. Tissue paper fibers are too short to be recycled again.
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Recology will "treecycle" for free! Pick-up service is from Thursday, January 2 through Wednesday, January 15, 2020.